Copy the Campaign and Deliver reports folder in Unica Insights directory

Campaign installer places report design folders or files under Campaign installation directory.

Complete the following steps.
  1. Create a folder campaign/partitions/partitionN under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports.
  2. For Campaign reports, create a folder Unica Dashboard/Campaign/partitions/partitionN under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports.
  3. Copy the Affinium Campaign and Affinium Campaign - Object specific Reports folders from Campaign_Home/reports and place it in <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/campaign/partitions/partitionN, where N is your partition number.
  4. For Campaign dashboards, copy rpt design files from Campaign_Home/reports/Unica Dashboards/Campaign folder into <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/Unica Dashboard/Campaign/partitions/partitionN.
  5. For Deliver reports, create a folder Unica Dashboard/Deliver/partitions/partitionN under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports.
  6. For Deliver dashboards, copy rpt design files from Campaign_Home/reports/Unica Dashboards/Deliver folder into <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/Unica Dashboard/Deliver/partitions/partitionN.
  7. For Campaign reports and dashboards, Deliver reports and dashboards, run to update the datasource for the report design files from <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/tools/bin. For information on Unica Insights DB utility, see the Update data source in Unica Insights report design files using Unica Insights utility section.
    • You must configure the DeliverDS for Campaign system database.
  8. Copy the following properties files (the source directory is mentioned below) to <Unica_Home>\Platform\Insights\Reports\Resources\.
    • Campaign_Home/reports/Resources/Campaign/ *.properties
    • Campaign_Home/reports/Resources/Deliver/ *.properties

Continue with Setting up data synchronization.

Note: Even if the Campaign install host and Unica Insights application server host is same, it is recommended to copy report design files from install directory under Platform_Home/Insights/Reports and the folder structure must be campaign/partitions/partitionN.