New features and changes in version 12.1.2

Unica Plan 12.1.2 includes the following new features.

For more information about the new features and changes in Unica Plan 12.1.2, see the Unica Plan documentation set.

To-do Checklist Notifications

You can now use alerts for the Checklist and To-do feature as well.

Slack Integration

Message board now integrates out-of-the-box with Slack messaging tool. It is applicable only for the Project Messge board. For more information see Unica Content Integration Framework Slack Integration Guide.


A new parameter serverURLInternal is introduced in Settings > Configuration > Unica Plan > navigation. This parameter specifies the internal URL of the Unica Plan server. If you are using reverse proxy or web access management software (ISAM, Siteminder, etc), set this parameter to the internal URL of Unica Plan. Otherwise, set its value to the value of serverURL (Affinium|Plan|navigation|serverURL).

This value is used by other Unica applications when they consume Plan's new rest APIs v2, for example, Offer Approval in Centralized Offer Management.


Offer Approval

Unica Plan approvals are now enabled to approve Centralized Offer Management offers.