Fixed defects

The following defects are fixed in Unica Plan version 12.1.2.

Issue ID Description
HMA-334044The modified workflow was not retaining the correct duration when saved as a template
HMA-333996When you executed a trigger binding (for Approval Approved/Approved with Changes), if the trigger failed, a generic 5000 error appeared instead of displaying the specific error.
HMA-332890On a Docker setup, when searching users in checklist, the last row was displayed as a blank.
HMA-332888On a Docker setup, checkboxes were not displayed for default alert subscription.
HMA-332657Project owners and users with full PlanAdmin status could not access any task that was assigned to a team group or a teamp group member.
HMA-332648Plan version 12.1.1 was facing issues on OneDB with JDBC driver onedb-jdbc-
HMA-332382In the new task workflow user interface, edit workflow permission was preventing Task users from adding an attachment.
HMA-332281Users could not modify a single row on the Reassign Team Request Window.
HMA-332161When migrating offers history from Plan to Centralized Offer Management, a NullPointerException was getting displayed.
HMA-330808Some user experience issues existed with Plan Reports.
HMA-330721User could perform actions related to PlanAdmin role without having the role assigned to them.
HMA-330655 Auto wrap configuration is missing in the Docker environment.
HMA-330157On MariaDB database, users could execute create lookup table queries of exported form with SSDB attributes.
HMA-329845Some user experience issues existed in exported report files.
HMA-329835If you exported files from Insights Reports, the name of the exported files had dbtype as the file name instead of a report name.
HMA-329834Exporting the System Projects report to PDF format, using Insights Reports, was displaying incomplete data in the exported PDF.
HMA-329470For OneDB, by default, the dbtype in umoconfiguration of Plan was showing all five values. The user had to manually edit it and set it to OneDB..
HMA-329402Centralized Offer Management offers used to display an error and redundant buttons "Actions" and "Close", when user opened it from Approval > Items for approval.
HMA-327379A Journey was getting linked without selecting the Journey in "Link a journey" pop-up.
HMA-327378The following issues existed while Linking a Journey:
  • User experience issues.
  • There was no notification even if the Journey was already linked to another Project.
  • The Save button was enabled even without selecting a Journey.
HMA-327376A confirmation was not appearing while removing a linked Journey.
HMA-327137The order of the task number was not maintained if you added multiple tasks.
HMA-326378The confirmation dialog for "Delete" operation had user experience issues.
HMA-326134In the TCS tab, clicking on offers and offer lists was redirecting to different pages.
HMA-325666For Japanese and Korean locales, incorrect date format or missing date units were displayed in the created to-do in the "Notes" tab.
HMA-324193If Centralized Offer Management was enabled, offer lists were not displayed in the workflow approval.
HMA-323959In the Approvers section, dragging-and-dropping users was not displaying the names or the count of users in the preview.
HMA-311186Available resources group was expanding when you drag a user to the right panel.
HMA-303840 On a Plan setup with OneDB database, if a user navigated to Plan > Tasks > All Tasks, a 5000 Error appears. This issue is fixed and the user needs to set the following configuration parameter on OneDB database:
onmode -wf SQL_FEAT_CTRL2=0x10