Known limitations

This table contains known limitations in Unica Plan version 12.1.2.

Issues Issue ID Description
5000 error occurs on Oracle when form attribute string is too long. 175488 The Oracle database limits the form attribute string to 30characters. Exceeding this length causes a 5000 error.
Incorrect asset URLs 177613 Adding forms to asset templates can cause errors on URLs
Relevant products related to offers from Campaign are not migrated over to Plan Defect 62333 Campaign offers have a relevant products feature, Plan offers does not have this feature. Therefore, relevant products are not migrated from Campaign to Plan.
Safari browser downloads data migration files directly to Downloads folder DEF063699 When you perform a data migration import, while using Plan with the Safari browser, you are not prompted for a destination folder. Imported files are downloaded directly to the folder designated for downloads in Safari.
Users cannot add marketing objects in languages other than English. DEF057079 Plan does not allow multibyte characters in the marketing object type name.
Unable to add forms or templates with non-English characters in the form name, form attribute name, or table name fields DEF057100 Form and template fields with non-English characters cannot be saved.
The task pane allows users to edit the Summary tab even if the project is canceled or completed DEF057121 If a project is cancelled or completed on the Summary tab while the task pane is open at the right side of the page, you can continue to edit project forms in the task pane,even though it is no longer active.
Default dates on the grid do not always localize correctly DEF057605, DEF040170 The date selection control for grids is not localized for non-English locales, so the default value for a grid date attribute is not always populated for some non-English language locales (such as Japanese).
A reviewer who has not yet responded cannot continue an "On Hold" Approval from right task pane DEF057650

If a reviewer has not responded to an approval in the "On Hold" state, then the task pane on the right cannot be used to continue that approval. The Approve, Approve w/changes, and Deny buttons display for the approval in the task pane, but the Continue and Cancel buttons do not display. In contrast, an approver who has already responded to the approval can continue it from right pane.

This scenario occurs because the buttons on the right pane are driven by the role of the user: Approver or Approval owner. If the approver and the owner are the same user, approver actions take precedence.

Formulas for computing metrics must be in English DEF057660 When adding metrics to metrics templates, the user can specify them as Planned or Rollup. If the user enters a formula in the Computed by Formula field, the formula must be in English. An error results if a user enters a translated string instead of ROLLUP.
Metrics formulas are not validated DEF057726 If an invalid formula is specified for a metric, an exception error results when Unica Plan finalizes values entered on the Tracking tab of an object instance that uses the metric. See the product documentation for information about valid operators and operands.
Limitations in importing offer templates DEF059793

Offer templates are not imported in the following cases:

An offer template with the same ID exists.

An offer template with the same ID was published and deleted.

Any form with same name is used in an offer template.

Requirement for reason for denying an approval feature cannot be disabled N/A

When Unica Plan is configured to require a reason when users deny an approval, users must select a value for the deny reason. After users begin to use this feature, the system cannot be re-configured to disable this feature

Plan single URL configuration does not support the analysis tab for plans and programs Defect 172856 If the analysis tab for a plan and program object is configured as single URLs, after clicking these URLs the user interface does not display the tabs to navigate to other parts of the plan or program objects.
In Plan-Campaign integrated systems, the single URL feature has limited functionality Defect 177309 For a single URL configured campaign project, the implementation tab is not visible. The single URL feature is not implemented for campaign tabs
Plan approvals on mobile IOS systems have layout problems Defect 178600 The post-complete response button and file names are difficult to see on IOS devices.
AcquireLock API does not throw an exception even if a user has opened the people tab and other tabs in edit mode. Defect 166474 When using the Unica Plan API, it is not possible to acquire a tab level lock on an object. The API only allows object level locking, whereas the GUI allows tab level locking.
Form creation, publishing, and usage does not work when DB2 owner and user different Defect 19733 This issue occurs only when the user mentioned in the data source is not the one who has created the database tables
Sorting of Projects-Under supporting Projects and requests On page 2 Try to sort any one column (say Last date) then the page refreshes and moves to page 1 Defect 801917 Sorting on Page 2 for the Supporting Projects and requests will refresh the page and navigate to the first page.