Enabling, disabling, or removing a list option

As the needs of your organization change, you can remove options that are no longer in use. When you remove an option from a list, it is permanently deleted. If you want to add the option again, you must readd it.

About this task

After you add an option to a customizable list, it displays in the user interface as a value that users can choose.

You can also disable an option, which keeps it available for possible future use while preventing it from appearing on a list. When the option is needed again, you enable it.


  1. Follow the procedure that is described in Adding options to a list.
  2. From the List Items field, select a value to enable, disable, or remove.
    You can also use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select multiple items.
  3. Click Disable, Enable, or Remove.
  4. Click Save changes.