Customizable lists

You can customize the lists in Unica Plan by providing your own site-specific options.

The lists that you can customize, and where users encounter them in the user interface, follow.

Table 1. Customizable lists
List type Description Location
Business Areas An area of business to which a plan can belong. Used primarily to allocate budgeted funds. When users create or edit a plan, they can specify a Business Area for it. Users access this list in the Plan Summary section.
Program Areas A unit that groups one or more programs in a plan. Program areas are especially useful when users allocate funds to a related group of programs that are linked to the plan. When users create or edit a plan, they can specify a Program Area for it. Users access this list in the Plan Summary section.
Cost Categories A category that helps to define budget or invoice line item costs. When users create or edit a line item for an invoice or budget, they can select a Cost Category for it.

The name of the business to which an invoice line item was purchased.

For more information, see Vendor column for budgets.

When users create or edit an invoice, they must select a Vendor Name for it. Users access this list in the Invoice Summary section.

Job functions or skill sets. Roles make it easier to assign people to tasks in a project.

Note: These roles are functional, and are not the same as the security roles that determine access to areas of the Unica Plan interface.

Users identify the roles that are needed to complete the project, and assign team members to those roles, on the People tab. Then, on the Workflow tab, users can assign roles or team members to tasks.

Non-working Date Types

Categories for non-work time. For example, national holidays, corporate off-sites, and company holidays.

For more information, see System-wide non-work dates.

When administrators enter Non-working Business Days, they identify the Type for each date.

Then, when users add or edit project workflow tasks, they can specify a Schedule Through setting. Task schedules can include only business days, business days and weekends, business days and these non-working date types, or all dates.

Workflow Milestone Types

Milestones that can be included in a project workflow.

When users add or edit a project workflow task, they can identify it as a project milestone by selecting its Milestone Type.

Approval Deny Reasons

Reasons for rejecting items that are received for approval.

Applies only to installations that require a reason when an approval is denied. For more information, see Setting approval deny reasons.

When users respond to an approval, they can choose to deny approval. To do so, they must specify a Deny reason.
Coremetrics® Clients

Client IDs and names from an IBM Digital Recommendations implementation.

Applies only to installations that integrate Unica Plan and Unica Campaign, and that also enable optional offer integration. For more information, see the Unica Plan and Unica Campaign Integration Guide.

Administrators can configure offer templates so that users can select category IDs and names from a Digital Recommendations system, rather than entering them manually. To configure the template, administrators supply the URL for Digital Recommendations and one or more valid Client IDs.