Evaluating approval processes

When it is your turn, you provide feedback on the approval process and any approval line items. You provide feedback by approving or denying the approval process and individual line items. You can also add comments or markup for more detailed feedback.

About this task

When it is your turn to respond to an approval process or complete an approval task, HCL® Marketing Operations notifies you with an alert and an email message. Both the alert and the email message contain a link to the approval. You can also access the approval from the link in the email or alert. The approval process appears in the My Active Approvals and Approvals Pending My Response views.


  1. Open the approval process with line items you want to review.
    Click Operations > Approvals, the link to the approval in an alert or email notification, or an approval task in the workflow.
  2. Review the description and any notes or instructions that are provided for the approval process.
  3. Complete the following steps for each approval line item.
    1. To view an item, click its thumbnail image or file name.
      Note: Select View/Add Markup to add in-document comments to a PDF file. If you do not choose this link, any comments you make are lost when you close the file.
    2. Click Post Feedback. A dialog opens for your response.
    3. Enter your comments in the Your Response section.
      Alternatively, attach a file with detailed comments. Click Attach Comments File and browse to the file.
    4. Select the appropriate response.
      • Approve indicates that you approve the item as it is.
      • Approve w/Changes indicates that you approve the item with the exceptions noted in your comments or attachment.
      • Deny indicates that fundamental changes must be made to the item by the approval owner. If your organization requires you to supply a reason, select a Deny reason from the list.
  4. After you respond to every item in the list, or supply comments and a response for an approval with no attachments, click Post Complete Response.
    Note: You cannot change your response after you click Post Complete Response unless the approval process owner resubmits the review.

    The response form displays with your response listed next to your name in the list of approvers. HCL Marketing Operations sends an alert and an email message with your response to the approval owner and sends an alert to the next reviewer, if any.