Adding rows to the workflow spreadsheet

Add rows to the workflow spreadsheet to add more tasks, form tasks, approvals, and stages.

About this task

Before you can add a row to the workflow spreadsheet, you open the workflow in edit mode. For more information, see Edit mode toolbar.


  1. Decide what dependency option you want the new task or stage to use: Click In Series (Spreadsheet with plus signPage with plus sign image) and select No Dependencies, In Series, or In Parallel.
    Your selection remains in effect until you change it again.
  2. In the workflow spreadsheet, click the stage or task name that you want the new row to follow.
  3. Add the stage, approval, task, or form task: Click Add Row (Row and plus sign image) and then select Task, Form Task, Approval, or Stage.

    Marketing Operations adds the new row to the spreadsheet. Stages display with a shaded background; tasks and approvals have different identifying icons.

  4. If Advanced Workflow capabilities are enabled, configure the rework loop for the approval tasks by adding the first task that is to be reworked in square brackets.
    For example, an approval task 2.5 depends on task 2.4. If the approval is denied, tasks 2.4 and 2.3 must be redone. So the approval task name is set as 2.5 Cost Approval (2.4) [2.3].
  5. Add a stage or task.
    • To add a stage, click the Add Stage Row icon (Page with highlighted top row and plus sign image).
    • To add a user task, click the Add Task Row icon (Page with clipboard and plus sign image).
  6. Optional: Change the dependency that is assigned by the system to the row. The numbers of the tasks that a task or stage depends on display in parentheses after the name. If a date for one task changes, the system changes the dates for all the dependent tasks.

    For example, suppose that you add a task and its name is 2.5 Deliver draft to vendor (2.4)2.5 Generate List (2.4). To make this task dependent on task 1.3 instead of task 2.4, change the task name to 2.5 Deliver draft to vendor (1.3)2.5 Generate List (1.3). To make this task dependent on both task 1.3 and task 2.4, separate the task numbers with commas: change the task name to 2.5 Deliver draft to vendor (1.3, 2.4)2.5 Generate List (1.3, 2.4).

    For more information, see Task dependencies.

  7. When you finish editing the workflow, save your changes.


The stage or task is added to the workflow after the insertion point.