Adding a stage or task

To add a task or stage to a workflow, you must have the appropriate permission for the related template.

If the Add option is missing from the toolbar, contact your administrator about obtaining the appropriate access rights.

Note the following information about stage and task rows.

  • To differentiate stages from tasks, the rows for stages display in the spreadsheet with a shaded background. In addition, identifying icons differentiate tasks from approval tasks.
  • When you add a stage or task, you can indicate where in the spreadsheet to insert it: enter the stage number and the task number before the task name.

    For example, if you enter 2.3 Have team meeting anywhere in the task list, the task is placed under the task that is labeled 2.2. Any subsequent tasks in that stage are automatically renumbered: the step that was previously labeled 2.3 is now 2.4.

  • You can move a stage or task to a different part of the spreadsheet. Use the up and down options on the toolbar to move the stage or task to the appropriate place.
  • There are several options for managing dependencies on tasks as new rows are added and existing rows are removed. For more information, see Task dependencies.
  • After you create an approval from a workflow task, you can edit only the approval itself; you cannot edit the corresponding task in the workflow.

    If you try to edit the approval from its workflow task, an error message indicates that the task row is locked. You must open the approval to update any of its fields.