Adding workflow to templates

To set up a projectList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign template that includes workflow data, you create the template, specify team member roles, and then edit the Workflow tab.

About this task

If you are using Marketing Operations version and the integration with Workflow Services is configured, you can use the Advanced Workflow capabilities for workflows.


  1. Select Settings > Marketing OperationsDistributed Marketing Settings.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Click Add Template (Page with plus sign image) and select a template type.
  4. Locate the project template section and click Add Template.
  5. Complete the fields in the Template Properties form and click Save Changes.
  6. On the Project RolesPeople tab, specify participant roles then click Save Changes.
  7. Select the Workflow tab and click Edit (Page with pencil image).
  8. Select Enable for Advanced Workflow execution to enable Advanced Workflow capabilities.
    For more information, see Configuring the workflow.
  9. Add system and user tasksworkflow and approval tasks and organize them into stages.
    For more information, see Fields in workflow spreadsheets.

    Remember to save frequently while you work.

  10. Edit task dependencies, define task scheduling and duration, and enter other values to supply when users create instances from this template.
    For more information, see the Marketing Operations User's Guide.

    Remember to save frequently while you work.

  11. When the workflow is complete, click Save and Finish. The tab returns to view mode.
    For more information, see Workflow template tab.
  12. If your organization maintains a predefined list of reasons for denying an approval, specify the reasons that apply to this template.
    For more information, see List definitions.
  13. To configure more information for each task, click the task name when the Workflow tab is in view mode.
    For approval tasks, you can configure approvers. For workflow tasks, you can configure whether users can add attachments.
    For list review tasks, you can configure the list display.
  14. Click the View as a Process Flowchart icon to display the workflow as a process flowchart.