Set default alert subscriptions

Administrators can define a set of default alert subscriptions. For each object type, you select the team members who receive different types of alerts by subscribing or unsubscribing their object access roles.

You set up default alert subscriptions for the following IBM® Marketing OperationsDistributed Marketing objects and access roles.

Table 1. Object access roles that you can subscribe to receive alerts
Object type Object access roles
  • Project Owner
  • Project Participant
  • Project Requester
  • Request Recipient
  • Request Owner
  • Program Owner
  • Program Participant
  • Approval Owner
  • Approval Approver
Asset Asset Owner
Invoice Invoice Owner
Account Account Owner
  • Plan Owner
  • Plan Participant
Custom marketing object types Owner
Offer * Offer Owner
  • Owner
  • Participant
On-demand Campaign
  • Owner
  • Participant
Corporate Campaign
  • Owner
  • Participant
Change Tracking
  • Owner
  • Corporate Marketer

* Applies only to installations with IBM Marketing Operations-Campaign integration enabled.

Default subscriptions are set according to the level of access level for users (participant or owner), and by Distributed Marketing object. For example, you can set up default alerts for Corporate Campaigns so that owners and participants are notified when a workflow task is started.

To set up default alert subscriptions, click Settings > Marketing Operations Settings > Default Alert Subscriptions. For each object type, a list of different alerts displays. To subscribe team members with a corresponding access role, you select a check box. For example, to send notifications when a new member is added to a project, you could select the check box for project owners and project participants, and clear the check box for project requesters.

Notes® on setting default alert subscriptions

When you work with default alert subscriptions, note the following.

  • You are creating a default setting. Users (who have appropriate security permissions) can change these default settings for each object instance.
  • When you modify the default alert subscriptions, existing object instances are not affected. Your changes affect only object instances that are created after your modifications.

User overrides of default alert subscriptions

Users can subscribe to alerts within the following objects.

  • Lists
  • On-demand Campaigns
  • Corporate Campaigns

This allows them to control the alerts that they or members of their team receive, regardless of the default subscriptions that are set for the particular object type.

For each object instance, users can review the alerts that they are subscribed to by default and change them. To do so, they open a program, project, or other object instance, click Communicate (Dialog balloon image with counter), and select Subscribe to Alerts.