Flowchart Runs Monitoring page

You can use the Flowchart Runs Monitoring page to check on the status of flowchart run requests that were sent to Campaign.

There are two panes in the Flowchart Runs Monitoring page: Flowchart defective runs and Scheduler jobs.

Note: For more information about why a flowchart did not run successfully, you can view the logs for the campaign in Campaign.

Flowchart defective runs pane

The Flowchart defection runs pane shows requests to run flowcharts that stayed in a Scheduled, Queued, or Running state for longer than a specified time.

If a request was not succeeded, it is displayed in the Flowchart defection runs pane, as well as in the Scheduler jobs pane.

There are two check boxes next to each entry on the Flowchart defection runs pane, Get Results and Reset Run Status. These two check boxes are enabled or not, depending on the current state of the request.

Checking Reset Run Status of a queued request sets its status to Failed, and removes it from the Flowchart defective runs pane; it still appears in the Scheduler jobs pane as a Failed request.

Scheduler jobs pane

The Scheduler jobs pane shows information about all tasks that are currently in the Queued (Not Started) or Running state and jobs that failed after they were started by Campaign.

Following are the possible job states:

  • Running

    The task is running in Campaign.

    The maximum number of tasks that can be running simultaneously is controlled by the combination of the initialization parameters flowchartServiceSchedulerServices10ThrottleType and flowchartServiceSchedulerServices10ThrottleValue, as defined under Platform > Configuration > Distributed Marketing.

    Note: You cannot cancel or delete a job in the Running state.
  • Results Pending

    The task was run, but the results were not received by Distributed Marketing. If a job gets stuck in Results Pending status, the results can sometimes be retrieved by checking Get Results in the Flowchart defection runs pane and clicking Save.

  • Not Started

    The job is scheduled, but not yet run. This is the same as a Queued state in the Flowchart defection runs pane. You can cancel a job in the Not Started state by deleting it, which removes the job from the queue and sets its status to Failed. An unlimited number of jobs can be in the Not Started state.

  • Failed

    The job was reported as failed by Campaign. You should investigate the failure by examining the campaign's logs in Campaign. When you resolve the issue, you can delete the failed job.