Verifying the Distributed Marketing upgrade

After the upgrade process completes, you must verify that your Distributed Marketing application is upgraded.

About this task

Complete the following steps to verify the Distributed Marketing upgrade:


  1. After you finish the upgrade, check the installation log, stdout, and stderr files for details.
  2. Log in to the Distributed Marketing application, and check whether Distributed Marketing settings are accessible.
  3. Check Help > About version to verify your version of Distributed Marketing.
  4. Verify that List and On-demand Campaign (ONDC) instances are accessible.

Verifying the Distributed Marketing database upgrade

For a database upgrade, you can select manual upgrade or automatic upgrade.

About this task

To verify that your database is upgraded successfully, complete the following actions for automatic and manual database upgrade:

  • Verify that you get the successful upgrade message on the upgrade wizard complete window. At the end of upgrade process, you must not have any errors.
  • You must check installation log, stder, and stdout files for details.
  • Run udmdbsetup manually by using the upgrade parameter. You must use the correct parameter values for your locale, installation type, and version you are upgrading from. The following example creates and populates the Distributed Marketing system tables for an upgrade from version 9.1 on UNIX in the fr_FR locale: -b 9.1 -L fr_FR -t upgrade -v
    Note: When you upgrade Distributed Marketing, you are normally not required to run udmdbsetup manually. The installer runs udmdbsetup in both full and upgrade modes.
    • If you are running a full installation, the installer runs udmdbsetup in full mode (-t full), and populates all system tables on Distributed Marketing system tables database.
    • If you are running an upgrade, the installer runs udmdbsetup in upgrade mode (-t upgrade), and upgrades existing and populates new tables as required.
    • The udmdbsetup utility updates the database directly only in the case of automated installation.
    • If you are running in manual mode (-m flag), the udmdbsetup utility generates a full installation or an upgrade script in the DM_HOME\tools folder. The name of this script depicts whether it was generated for full or upgrade installation; that is, for full installation, the name is install_<version>.sql, or for an upgrade installation, the name is upgrade_<baseVersion>_<currentVersion>.sql.