Running the Distributed Marketing installer

When you run the Distributed Marketing installer, the installer detects your existing version of Distributed Marketing and prompts you to confirm the upgrade process. After your confirmation, the installer starts the upgrade process.

About this task

Follow the guidelines while you upgrade Distributed Marketing:

  • When the installer prompts you for the installation location, specify the location of the parent directory of the Distributed Marketing installation directory.
  • The upgrade process updates the previously migrated registration information for the new version of Distributed Marketing.

The Distributed Marketing upgrade installer overwrites and in the <Distributed Marketing Home>/tools/bin directory. If your installation is using the manual database set up, the files contain the database connection information. When you upgrade, add the database information in these files before starting the manual upgrade process.

Note: For detailed installation steps to install Distributed Marketing in upgrade mode, see "How installers work" in the Distributed Marketing Installation Guide.