Multi-offer design

You use a multi-offer design for Corporate Campaigns, On-demand Campaigns, and Lists to create a campaign or List that sends different offers to different customers.

Multi-offer Corporate Campaigns, On-demand Campaigns, or Lists can be nonrecurring or recurring. These campaigns take advantage of the segmenting capabilities in Campaign to target different contact segments with different offers.

When to use a multi-offer Corporate Campaign, On-demand Campaign, or List

Organizations use multi-offer design to manage campaigns and Lists that target different segments of the customer population. Examples of multi-offer design include:

  • Offers for responders and non-responders: You might create a multi-offer campaign to provide one offer to those who respond to a campaign, and another separate offer to those who do not respond.
  • Offers for different audiences: You might create a multi-offer campaign to manage different offers for different audiences. For instance, a financial institution might send one offer to college students and another offer to individuals who are head-of-household.