Multi-lot design

Multi-lot Corporate Campaign and On-demand Campaigns are campaigns that distribute the effort of customer contact over time when you deal with a large list of targeted customers.

When to use a multi-lot design

Organizations use multi-lot features to manage customer lists that are too large to handle at one time. A multi-lot design allows Field Marketers to accept a subset of a list for contact in one "lot." Field Marketers can then accept more contacts for contact at subsequent lots, distributing the effort over time.

Set up multi-lot Corporate Campaigns and On-demand Campaigns

To achieve a multi-lot design, your Corporate Campaigns or On-demand Campaigns must use flowcharts in Campaign that are designed specifically for each lot. You can use a single flowchart for all lots or a separate flowchart for each lot. In either case:

  • The list generation task for the initial lot selects from your Campaign database to create the first list for Field Marketer review.
  • The list generation task for the second lot targets those contacts that were left in the Waiting state after the first list review, as well as any new contacts included from the latest list generation.