Supported JDBC Data Types

Personalization fields must map to marketing database fields that are configured for a data type that Deliver supports.

When you send personalized email using Deliver, the information used to personalize the message comes from the recipient list referenced by the mailing. You provide recipient information to the list by mapping fields in your marketing database to personalization fields that you define in the recipient list.

For more information about mapping fields to a recipient list, see About adding personalization fields to the OLT.

When you map a field in your marketing database to a recipient list, the JDBC data type for the source field must be one of the following data types supported by Deliver.

  • REAL
  • CHAR
  • DATE
  • TIME

    Note: For OTHER, if your source database is an Oracle database and the JDBC driver assigns NVARCHAR or NVARCHAR2 to the source database field, Deliver maps the field to the recipient list as VARCHAR.

If your JDBC driver specifies a data type that Deliver does not explicitly support, the system enters an error message in the Campaign error log. The error message appears in the file campaignweb.log, which is saved in the Campaign\logs directory of your Campaign installation.

To determine if a recipient list failed to upload properly due to a JDBC data type specified in the list, review campaignweb.log for an error message indicating an unsupported data type.