Recipient lists for personalized messaging

If you install and enable Unica Deliver within Campaign, then you can create a list that defines the recipients for a personalized messaging campaign. The list contains the recipient information that is used to address and personalize each message. You create a recipient list by configuring a Deliver process in a Campaign flowchart.

Note: In Deliver, a recipient list is not required for mailings that are enabled for transactional message.

Creating a recipient list happens in three phases.

  1. Select recipients.

    Configure a Campaign flowchart that selects the individuals who you want to contact through the messaging campaign. Various flowchart cells provide the input to the Deliver process.

  2. Define the recipient list as an Output List Table (OLT).

    The OLT is the output of the Deliver process in a Campaign flowchart. Configure the OLT to map personalization fields to fields in your marketing database that can provide personal information about each recipient. At this point, the OLT is only a table definition and it contains no recipient data.

  3. Create the list.

    Run the flowchart that contains the Deliver process. Running the flowchart creates the OLT in the Deliver system tables and enters values into the appropriate OLT columns. The Deliver system tables are part of the Campaign schema.