Deliver Advanced Message Editor

Digital marketers construct email, landing pages, WhatsApp messages, and text messages in Unica Deliver in the Deliver Message Editor. Marketers without specific HTML editing experience can create valid, full-featured HTML email and landing pages with the editing and personalization tools in the Message Editor.

The Advanced Message Editor provides a user interface to add content and personalization elements to a preconfigured HTML document that functions as a template for the email or landing page. The template defines the general structure of the message or landing page. The HTML code can be designed to contain special markup and configurable areas to accept personalized content added by the email marketer.

The Advanced Message Editor provides various previewing tools that allow you to check your work and to see how various email clients are likely to render the message, allowing you to see the message as your customers will see it in time to optimize its appearance, if necessary. You can also preview your text messages you have created for sms communication.

Deliver introduced Quick Builder as a new user interface that enables you to design your email communications very easily and quickly using the available tools. You can also preview your email messages in different different devices and email clients. For more details, see the different topics under Quick Builder section .

You can access both Quick Builder and Message Editor to create communications.

To work effectively with the Message Editor, review the following sections to understand the following concepts.

Note: To access Message editor or Quick Builder in Safari browser, apply the following settings in Safari browser.
  • Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab.
  • Deselect first cross site checkbox.
  • Relaunch Safari.