Personalized messaging

Unica Deliver provides message composition and personalization features that you can use to design graphically rich messages that deliver a marketing message with content that can automatically change to fit the characteristics of the message recipient.

You can send large numbers of personalized messages to a list of recipients as part of an outbound messaging campaign or one personalized message to a single recipient in response to a transaction.

Personalized email messages in Deliver are based on an HTML document that defines the structure and layout of each message. The base document serves as a configurable template. Template designers can include design and personalization elements in the page that allow digital marketers to modify the document by adding personalized content later. Digital marketers can also define rules that change the content that is presented to each message recipient, according to criteria that you specify in the rule. Recipient-specific information and metadata are provided by a recipient list that you create in Unica Campaign. The template can be created with Quick Builder or any HTML editor. Typically, the template is created outside of Deliver and Campaign. Digital Marketers use the Deliver Message Editor to add images, HTML snippets, hyperlinks, and personalization fields to the template to create an email communication.

Communication marketers can conduct a campaign by configuring and running a Deliver messaging. A messaging combines recipient data with a communication. When marketers run the messaging, Deliver builds individual messages that are based on the design of the communication and modified according to the personal data that is provided for each message recipient. Depending on the design of the communication and the information that is provided about each recipient, messages that are sent in same messaging can appear as different messages.