Tracking contacts

To configure contact fatigue rules, you must properly configure how you track contacts.

When managing contact fatigue rules such as the Max # of Packages rule, Unica Optimize automatically uses the contact history that is recorded in the Unica Campaign system tables. In Unica Campaign, each "contact" recorded into contact history is recorded with a specific "contact status." The contact status is specified when configuring the contact process. You can update contact statuses by using the Track process. For example, you can update a "Contacted" status to "Undeliverable." You customize the contact statuses for your particular implementation. The UA_ContactStatus.CountsAsContact field determines whether communication with a particular contact status value counts as a contact from the Unica Optimize contact fatigue perspective. Unica Optimize considers contacts only where UA_ContactStatus.CountsAsContact is 1.

For more information about configuring contact statuses, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide. For more information about populating contact status with the Mail List or Track process, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.