Verifying the Contact Optimization installation

If Contact Optimization is installed correctly, you must be able to use the Optimize process in Campaign when you build the Campaign batch flowcharts. To verify, log in to HCL® Marketing Software and confirm that you can access Campaign > Contact Optimizations.

Before you begin

Note: Before you verify that Contact Optimization is installed or upgraded correctly, make sure that the Affinium|Campaign|acoInstalled property is set to true. If the Affinium|Campaign|acoInstalled is set to false, you get an error message that indicates Contact Optimization is not installed.

About this task

After you map the Contact Optimization tables to the Campaign tables, you might have to log out and log in to the HCL Marketing Software console to show Campaign > Contact Optimizations.

Complete the following steps to verify the Contact Optimization installation:


  1. Log in to the HCL Marketing Software console.
  2. Select Campaign > Contact Optimizations from the menu.
    The All Contact Optimization sessions page is displayed. Verify that you can view and manage your Contact Optimization sessions.