Registering Contact Optimization manually

Register Contact Optimization with Marketing Platform to import menu items and set configuration properties. If the Contact Optimization installer cannot access the Marketing Platform system tables during the installation process, you must run the configTool utility to register Contact Optimization manually.

About this task

You must run the configTool utility as many times as there are files. The configTool utility is in the tools/bin directory under the Marketing Platform installation.

Use the following example commands as guidelines to register Contact Optimization manually:

  • configTool -i -p "Affinium|suite|uiNavigation|mainMenu|Campaign" -f "full_path_to_Optimize_installation_directory\conf\optimize_navigation.xml"

  • configTool -v -i -o -p "Affinium|Campaign|about|components" -f "full_path_to_Optimize_installation_directory\conf\optimize_subcomponent_version.xml"

All the Contact Optimization configuration properties are included with Campaign, so you do not have to register any configuration properties.