Setting up multiple partitions for Contact Optimization

Use multiple partitions in Contact Optimization so that different groups of users have access to different sets of Contact Optimization and Campaign data.

About this task

Installing Contact Optimization creates a default partition, partition1, under the ContactOptimization/partitions directory of the Contact Optimization installation. You can create additional partitions in the same directory.

Note: Save a clean copy of the original partition1 directory to serve as a backup.

If you configure Contact Optimization to use multiple partitions, you must also configure Campaign to use multiple partitions. The names of the partitions that you create for Contact Optimization must exactly match the names of the corresponding partitions that are created for Campaign.

Complete the following steps to set up multiple partitions for Contact Optimization:


  1. Create your Campaign partitions.
  2. Create a directory for each partition you created in Campaign in the partitions directory of your Contact Optimization installation.

    For example, if you created partition2 in Campaign, you must create the ContactOptimization/partitions/partition2 directory.

  3. Copy the contents of the ContactOptimization/partitions/partition1 directory, along with all of its (empty) subdirectories, into the directory you created for the new partition.

    For example, copy the contents of the partition1 directory into the ContactOptimization/partitions/partition2 directory.

  4. If any subdirectories of the newly created directory are not empty, delete all files in the subdirectories.
  5. Run the SQL scripts to create and populate the Contact Optimization system tables in the database that is configured for the new partition.

    For more information about running the SQL scripts, see Creating and populating the Contact Optimization system tables manually.

  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each partition you must create. Use the most recently created directory as your starting point.


Note: By default, partitions are installed under the ContactOptimization/partitions directory. You can modify the default directory for Contact Optimization, or you can modify the directory that specifies the partitions.