New features and changes in version 12.1.7

Unica Campaign 12.1.7 includes a number of new features and changes. These are listed underneath.

For a list of newly supported and discontinued platforms, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements guide.

Upgrade Paths

Unica Campaign supports the following upgrade paths:

  • 12.1.x → 12.1.7
  • 12.1.0.x → 12.1.7

Customers on versions earlier than 8.6.x must:

  • perform a Fast Upgrade from existing version to version 8.6.0 (for more information, see HCL Unica 8.6.0 Fast Upgrade Guide).
  • perform a Fast Upgrade from version 8.6.0 to version 12.1.0 (for more information, see HCL Unica 12.1.0 Fast Upgrade Guide).
  • perform an in-place upgrade from version 12.1.0 to version 12.1.7.

Customers on versions earlier than 11.1.x.x can:

  • perform a Fast Upgrade from existing version to version 12.1.0 (for more information, see HCL Unica 12.1.0 Fast Upgrade Guide).
  • perform an in-place upgrade from version 12.1.0 to version 12.1.7.

Customers on versions 11.1.x.x/12.0.x.x can use one of the following options for upgrade:

  • Option 1
    • perform an in-place upgrade from existing version to version 12.1.0.
    • perform an in-place upgrade from version 12.1.0 to version 12.1.7.
  • Option 2
    • perform a Fast Upgrade from existing version to version 12.1.0 (for more information, see HCL Unica 12.1.0 Fast Upgrade Guide).
    • perform an in-place upgrade from version 12.1.0 to verison 12.1.7.

Postgres as SystemDB

In version 12.1.7, Unica Campaign introduces compatibility by adding support for Postgres as the SystemDB. This enhancement provides users with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate Unica Campaign with Postgres, offering a robust and scalable solution for managing system databases.

Unica products communication using internal server URL

With support for internal server URLs in pod-to-pod communications, there's no longer a necessity for internal calls to route through load balancers.

Campaign Journey integration for multi partitioning support in journey

Journey now supports multi-partitions. This enhancement ensures that Campaign Journey integrations seamlessly align with partition configurations, making the entire process partition-aware.

External Callout - ability to specify fields/params as part of ExternalCallout node in Platform configuration

External Callout functionality has been elevated to a new level of flexibility. Users can now seamlessly provide configuration parameters directly to the registered callouts. This empowers users to effortlessly supply inputs to the callouts without the need for constant modification, enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of your workflow.

Real time updates for concurrent users and lock-unlock

In version 12.1.7, users can now see real-time notifications for ongoing collaborative activities, such as when another user is actively engaged in working on a flowchart or when a flowchart is being locked or unlocked.

Mark or identify the columns used in flowchart from the mapped tables and columns

The Column In Use feature, introduced in this release, serves as a valuable tool for users engaged in data cleanup efforts. This functionality is crafted to empower users in identifying and managing columns or tables that are no longer in use. By leveraging the insights provided by the Column In Use column, users can make informed decisions about the removal of redundant elements, promoting enhanced data efficiency and organizational clarity within their system.

Run the blue process boxes, even if we have an unconfigured output PB somewhere in flowchart

Campaign v12.1.7 introduces a significant improvement allowing the execution of blue process boxes even in instances where any of the underlying red process boxes are unconfigured

AngularJS Library version used with Unica Campaign Deep Search Feature

In this release of Campaign, the deep search feature has undergone a significant transformation. While the user experience (UX) remains consistent, the underlying code has been completely restructured to eliminate the use of AngularJS. This transition was imperative as AngularJS had been deprecated, posing potential vulnerabilities. Users can now enjoy the familiar and seamless deep search experience with the added assurance of an updated and secure codebase

Execute deliver mailing directly from deliver process box

This enhancement offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience, allowing users to seamlessly trigger mailing directly from the deliver PB.

Unica Link enhancement

In the latest release, users can now enjoy an enhanced copy-paste functionality in Link, enabling the copying of Link process boxes, pasting templates with Link PB, and duplicating flowcharts with PB. This update is designed to provide a more intuitive and time-saving experience for users engaged in campaign design. Notably, precautions have been taken to ensure that older action IDs are not utilized during the copy-paste process for Link process boxes

Include sample DB loader scripts in the Campaign install

Sample DB loader scripts are now conveniently accessible in the CAMPAIGN_HOME/SampleDBLoaders folder. Users will find sample scripts tailored for various databases, including SQL Server, DB2, Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, OneDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

SQLONConnect – support for headers from SiteMinder

In this release, support for a new token, <session_token::x>, has been introduced. To ensure clarity and precision, users are now required to specify any additional header variable names explicitly under Affinium|suite|security|loginModes|siteMinderPartitionLogin. This approach replaces the use of a generic placeholder such as "x variable."

Allow table search with letters in table name

This enhancement enables users to locate tables by any character or substring within the table name, expanding the search capability beyond matches occurring only at the beginning of the name.

Multipal kafka

Users now have the capability to effortlessly manage multiple Kafka instances through the provided template. This enhancement enables users to configure and utilize these Kafka instances to efficiently produce data from Campaign Process Boxes (PBs) such as Snapshot, Maillist, and Calllist.

Customed email templates for Flowchart Notifications

This customization capability ensures that flowchart status notification emails align perfectly with users' needs, providing personalization.