Known issues in Unica Campaign

Unica Campaign 12.1.7 includes the following known issues.

Issue ID Description
HMA-341415 HCL OneDB Datatype mismatch issue between Unica system tables and temp tables
HMA-360170 For Postgres Getting with Track PB "operator does not exist: numeric = character varying"
HMA-360154 Postgres :: CSV File's columns are not getting marked as YES when used in flowchart
HMA-359362 Weblogic 14 :Lock/Unlock & Concurrent user features might not work with real time due to request time out
HMA-358929 ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL For In-Use
HMA-359697 Postgres - WAS - Automatic DS creation seems to be failed
HMA-359417 v12.1.7 : CAMPAIGN_PB Topic name is not coming in Campaign Kafka Template

Workaround : The user is required to manually insert CAMPAIGN_PB or any specified topic name into the newly created Kafka Template.

HMA-357497 Cannot delete a flowchart in 12.1.4 while scheduler disabled
HMA-354628 Show Decimal Separator According To Locale In Campaign Fusion
HMA-353806 Time required to open any campaign or flowchart is increased.
HMA-353697 Tooltip Fluctuations On New UI
HMA-352709 Flowchart lock/unlock not reflecting if user is already in view mode.
HMA-353535 FC run label is not updated with current fc run status when FC run triggered through Collaborate
HMA-344732 Flowchart Running Icon on toolbar keeps spinning even when flowchart is in Paused state
HMA-344476 Search optimize session not working 2nd time
HMA-343764 Weblogic : partial Error messages are displayed for Campaign Error messages
HMA-342778 Publish Offer - Campaign- Contact are not getting generated as per package id in Campaign table for multiple offers
HMA-327170 For Docker environment, getting a "Failed to load data" error on Schedule management page if user continuously clicks on pagination (Next button).
HMA-338254 BigQuery database : Cell size limit causing the Flowchart to hang
HMA-337564 BigQuery : table mapping, default string size is taken as Maximum
HMA-330433 User is not able to login to platform after upgrade to 12.1.1 in case Deliver is configured.


Execute below query on Platform database :

select * from usm_role_role_map where role_id = (select ID from usm_role where name='Deliver_admin' and application=101 and partition_id=<>)

Specify actual partition id in above query , default for partition1 , partition id =1 , it varies for multiple partitions.

If above result in more than one row , contact HCL support to help in executing below delete query - delete one of the duplicate record of *D*eliver_admin role by running below query :

delete from usm_role_role_map where role_id = (select ID from usm_role where name='Deliver_admin' and application=101 and partition_id=<>) and parent_role_id=<partition_id>

For example , for partition id =1 ,

delete from usm_role_role_map where role_id = (select ID from usm_role where name='Deliver_admin' and application=101 and partition_id=1) and parent_role_id=1

HMA-306095 Production documentation links on Campaign installer are broken. See the documentation available along with product installers.
HMA-310126 eMessage instances in Campaign uninstall folder – these can be ignored. Unica no longer support eMessage.
HMA-312231 Campaign swagger APIs will not work only on swagger page when marketing platform login method is set to Web Access control.
HMA-13460 When the Export to File option is unchecked on the Fulfillment tab of the Mail List process, the Summary File option is enabled but should not be.
HMA-175825 When defaultBehaviorWhenOutputToFile is set to Create New File, it works only when you select a new output (export) file for the first time. If you try to change the existing output file and select a new output file, then the option Append to Existing Data gets selected by default. It can be changed manually to Create New File.
APAR 198495, PO05293, 198494 For a custom macro, if a user account has assigned as Not Granted permission for a stored object (Custom Macros, Flowchart Templates, Stored Derived Fields, etc.), the custom macro can be used to edit, delete, add, move all stored objects regardless of permissions.
HMA-204347 LARGE_DATA: Browser Crash - Mail List process box with 700 segments - Save with 512 offers to each segment.
HMA-211253 File-based input with multiple columns containing date in different format does not read the date correctly.
HMA-212890 Boolean type column on Amazon Redshift is recognized as 'Test' field type in table mapping.
HMA-220474 When the column name of the source table contains Non-ASCII characters and is long (probably longer than 10 x 3bytes characters in UTF8), the Snapshot process does not run because the temp table is not created.
HMA-220705 Profiling count for Dimension table fields is incorrect and profiling percentage is displayed as 100% even if profiling is in progress.
APAR 222047, PO06172, 222049 Unica Campaign extract process does not write to DB2 database when flowchart is configured with two extract processes and the second extract process contains a derived field that uses French accented characters in the name of the derived field.
APAR 225568, PO06304, 225572 temptablepostexecutionsql is not run when selecting coremetrics segment.
HMA-230340 Inconsistent behavior for the Mail list process is observed when the data filter is assigned to Effective date on the Parameters tab in a new Mail list process when compared to an edited existing Mail list process. The Mail list process does not output a datetime derived field in the output log file. Changing the effective date parameter values might cause execution failure of the Mail list.
HMA-230606 In a flowchart where fields are extracted and used in a Mail list process, the fields under Extract Node on the Personalization tab of the Mail list process are different before and after running the process.
HMA-231859 While using the Chrome browser, it takes around 20 seconds to respond while loading the Personalization tab of the Mail list process if it contains large number of treatments and offers assigned. For example, a Mail list process with 250 cells, each cells with multiple offers, each offer having multiple attributes.
HMA-232502 A Mail list performance issue occurs when the user changes the input in any way and there is a delay when initially switching tabs. After the user changes the input and switches to the Treatment or Process tab for the first time, there is a delay of around 10-15 seconds depending on the number of inputs selected. After this initial delay, there is no delay until the input is changed.
HMA-232835 The Campaign application performance is affected and sometimes an exception error message is displayed on the Campaign pages when the application is used for a longer time (some days) with continuous usage. You must restart your Campaign web application and Campaign Listeners.
HMA-238789 While using the Chrome browser, when a user opens a Mail list with 600 cells having multiple offers assigned to each cell, the application stops responding. While using the Internet Explorer 11 browser, nothing is displayed in the Mail list process box.

When the Audience process fails because of an incorrect Count filter expression, and the user removes the filter expression, adds a Condition, and runs the Audience process again, the process fails. The Condition is not considered and instead the previous Count filter expression is used resulting in the failure. To run the Audience process successfully, you must re-open the Audience process configuration window, click the Condition, Save and Close. The Audience process now considers the Condition and runs successfully.

HMA-271642 A "Please wait....." message is displayed multiple times in console mode installation while upgrading from version 10.1 and also for new Installation
HMA-271676 The Extract table on the DB2 and Oracle databases is not deleted when In-DB optimization is unchecked.
HMA-272253 The Campaign application performance is affected when a user opens the Table mapping window and more than 500 tables are mapped.
HMA-2968 Hot keys are not implemented on most of the windows. In the Dojo implementation it is not possible to use keyboard shortcuts to activate certain functions. Instead the user must click buttons.
HMA-PMR 266519, 75262 Clicking Return to previous page distorts the user interface in some cases. Use the links within the products to navigate, rather than the browser controls.
N/A When Unica Campaign is deployed in an application server cluster environment with 80 port, the Campaign navigation URL should not contain this port number. For example: http://<host>.<domain>:80/ Campaign should be changed to http://<host>.<domain>/Campaign. Change the value of the serverURL property under Campaign|navigation on the Settings > Configuration page.
N/A Mail List process box gets unconfigured with error "31606: History table are changed" on Flowchart run.
  1. There is no issue if the history tables are mapped prior to building a flowchart and adding a Mail List process.
  2. If you do not follow step 1, you can still map the history tables after the error appears. If you edit the flowchart and configure the process box, the process will run.
N/A After migrating non-ASCII data to Campaign, in some cases you cannot open Campaign flowcharts on the target system. Session flowcharts open successfully. To work around this issue, remigrate the campaigns in overwrite mode. You can then open the flowcharts.
TT 062333 Information related to associated products does not appear in offer on Marketing Operations. When an offer created in Campaign with products associated with it is imported in Marketing Operations, information about the associated products is not available in Marketing Operations.
HMA-270655 Table Mapping : Table name containing @ is supported while mapping a table, special characters like @ are should not be supported in Table names. Since Table name containing @ is supported since some time, this functioning is not updated now.
HMA-283637 When user has one maillist PB configured in the flowchart and he adds another maillist PB in the same flowchart, it is observed that All the values from already configured in treatment tab, Parameters tab, Personalisation tab of new Maillist PB appear automatically in any new dragged maillist PB.
HMA-281389 While running Campaign in the Upgrade mode, the installer should read the installation properties files from the previous version response files as we had that response available at the install location from the previous installation. However, it does not read the installation properties files from the earlier version response files.
HMA-280623 In Sample PB if we specify '3' in "# of Samples/Output Cells" field and Configure [sample1] with 3 samples having sample sizes as 50%, 50% and "All remaining records" respectively based on "Random Sample method" then after running Flowchart if we reopen the Sample PB "Process run results will be lost. Continue?" message is displayed in sample PB when remaining All check boxed is check.
HMA-283101 CHROME: "Unable to notify roles/permission changes to Campaign, Deliver OD may be out of sync". On clicking save changes for the Security Policy displays the following pop-up, this happens just first time after user logs in and changes anything in the policy and clicks save changes. Also, this is reproducible just on CHROME. Tested on Chrome V64 and V65.
HMA-282844 Campaign Offer doesn’t sort on 'Channel' & 'Eff./Exp.Dates'. After clicking on every column the offers below it should be sorted in ascending order. If you click on the same column the second time, the offers beneath it should be sorted in the descending order.
HMA-283695 Segment process box execution failed with extract enabled to User database for the IMPALA user DB. This error does not reproduce when extracting to Unica Campaign server.
HMA-284436 Platform.war and campaign.war in ear file deployment will not work in Weblogic 12.2.1, work around is to deploy campaign.war and unica.war separately.
HMA-288228 If the date field uploaded to IMC side is not in mm/dd/yyyy format, the email process box fails to execute. This data format is required by IMC Importlist API. It works accurately if DELIM_M_D_YYYY(mm/dd/yyyy) format is used for date while uploading to IMC using importlist API.
HMA-289135 TOMCAT : Occasionally Unica Platform or Campaign does not gets started after deploying in tomcat application server. Workaround : delete Campaign and Platform directory available inside Tomcat webapps directory and delete the content of work directory from the path where Tomcat is installed.
HMA-304945 Refresh command does not refresh the master listener priority or weight, if you need to make changes in priority or weight you require to take a downtime and restart the application.
HMA-312445 Link Process box - sending data only for the first input cell selected to link.
UL-285 Connection Salesforce - Subsequent Salesforce actions are failing for Update (Lead/Contact) intermittently.
UL-250 Connection Mandrill - Intermittenly stop sending emails to targeted audiences.
UL-281 Connection Mandrill - Subject line with non english characters - mandrill not sending email to user.
UL-259/UL-242 Connection Mailchimp/Mandril - results would be available for 1000 users only.
UL-214 MailChimp/Mandril - Audience value is getting changed to id field after selection or reopening process box.
UL-194 MailChimp/Mandril - In Mandrill template if merging field added as localized character - personalization is not working.
UL-257 Link Connections page takes time to load in the Campaign process box.
UL-231 Twilio Connection - Only 5 fields are supported for personalization in SMS body/text area.q
UL-279 Connection MailChimp - Branch run or single link process box run is not supported with Link process box with Mailchimp connection. You will need to execute complete flowchart.
UL-287 Link process box fails when no output data.
NA Unica Campaign and Unica Link applications urls should be having same domain names. Unica Campaign and Link applications deployed on different domains will not work.
UL-189 Connection Mandrill/MailChimp- Emojis are not working in Mandrill and MailChimp connector Mail Subject line.

Platform Scheduled flowcharts are not getting executed afterupgrade.Use the quartzjobtool to update scheduler jobs. This is a requiredstep. If this upgrade tool is not run, any existing scheduled job willfail to start. The quartzjobtool is in the tools\bin directory underUnica Platform installation. Run this utility from the tools \bindirectory.Example command (Windows): quartzjobtool.batExample command (Unix): ./

HMA-306383 UBX registration utility is failing with error Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.logging.BasicLogger error
HMA-316802 MariaDB]:CODE 704: File write error. while extracting extracted fields and table fields to database server through Segment PB
HMA-338395 v12.1.3: Campaign : Selecting export to Kafka makes Snapshot PB unconfigured. Needs workaround to run
HMA-338387 For version 12.1.3, the copyright year is incorrect in the Fed Response File ResponseFiles.tar.gz.