Known limitations in Unica Optimize

Unica Optimize includes 12.1.7 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Number Description
Strings in the production or test pop-up window are not translated. Defect 176920 In the case of a non-English setup, the strings in the production or test pop-up window are not translated.
The MailList process fails with the following database error: ORA-00999: INVALID VIEW NAME. Defect 170951 Change the value of UseTempTablePool from TRUE to FALSE in UA_SYSTEM_TABLES. The MailList run will end successfully.
Unica Optimize does not terminate the unica_acsvr process that is opened during a run. Defect 164875 In case of a schedule run of a Unica Optimize session by using the Unica Platform Scheduler, you observe multiple unica_acsvr login processes. These processes might terminate automatically after some time.
A DB2 database user change of system tables causes a Unica Optimize session to fail when the administrator has an index with the same name. Defect 155876 To avoid having a session fail, the DB2 database administrator should remove indexes.
In a Unica Optimize report, offers by type and segment do not get printed as desired. Defect 102889
The following issues were noticed while printing the offers by type and segment in a Unica Optimize report.
  1. The preview window does not scroll, unless it is resized.
  2. While printing it does not print everything, but only what fits in A4 size. Printing options do not seem to make any difference.
Negative scores cause inaccurate rules crediting. DEF041400

If you use negative scores, rule crediting in the Offer Filtering Summary report might not be accurate.

Offers with negative scores are given to meet minimum requirements only.

Cells that are linked to TCS with offer assignments do not appear in Optimize process. DEF061355 If the Optimize process is connected to one or more cells and the upstream cells are later linked to top-down cells defined in the Target Cell Spreadsheet process (TCS), the offers that are assigned in the TCS do not automatically appear in the Optimize process. Link to any top-down cells in the TCS before you connect those cells to an Optimize process. Otherwise, you must either manually assign the same offers within the Optimize process, or delete the Optimize process and re-create it.
Running the ACOOptAdmin utility with one-way SSL requires more setup. DEF046832 You cannot use the ACOOptAdmin utility with one-way SSL until you register a security certificate, specify a host name and domain, and configure SSL_Options in the ACOOptAdmin.bat file.
Unable to run the session in first attempt when unica_acosvr process stopped. DEF055010

If you use the kill command to stop unica_acosvr, the next time you attempt to run a Unica Optimize session, it might fail with the following error: An unknown communication failure has occurred with the Optimize server process.

Workaround - Run the Unica Optimize session again to complete it successfully.