Fixed defects in Unica Campaign

The following defects were fixed in Unica Campaign 12.1.7.

Issue ID Description
HMA-359679 After upgrading to v12.1.5, only one specific Japanese Character in Platform becomes a weird character.
HMA-358622 System Tables mapping disappeared after upgrade. All Mailists, Track and Response Process boxes grayed out
HMA-358226 Schedules are not working in 12.1.6 when InteractDT and Campaign are deployed in the same JVM.
HMA-357601 End time changing when editing exclusion
HMA-356667 Error 10404 runing Process Link
HMA-355914 unica_svradm leaves "connected" acsvr's up even when user is logged out or session times out.
HMA-355819 corporatetheme.css not working in 12.1.5
HMA-355553 Issue with tables remaining tokenized in SQL statements that Campaign creates
HMA-355523 Mapped table not visible in the table mapping
HMA-355145 Issue with Audience Customer
HMA-354896 Change in prefix of persistent derived field from version 8.6 to 10.1
HMA-354697 Unica Kafka Posting Keys in Snapshot Process Box
HMA-354440 Clear Contact History functinality not working || Call List || Log tab
HMA-353678 Unable to delete flowchart from UI when Enable Scheduler = False from Unica Platform | Scheduler
HMA-353418 Flowchart entry deleted from UA_FLOWCHART but session file is still there
HMA-350440 The mandate for 'Hive Loader requirement ' is missing/not clear in the document.
HMA-331720 Security Vulnerability – Improper Error Handling