Configuration settings for a single-node listener configuration

The configuration properties for single-node listener environments are set automatically during installation or upgrade. However, you can adjust them by choosing Settings > Configuration.

The purpose of this topic is to identify the configuration properties that pertain to a single-node listener configuration. For details about configuration, see the appropriate topic for each configuration setting.

The following configuration options pertain to a single-node listener configuration:

  • Campaign|unicaACListener: Use this category, and only this category, to define configuration settings for an unclustered listener environment. Properties include: enableWindowsImpersonation, enableWindowsEventLogging, logMaxBackupIndex, logStringEncoding, systemStringEncoding, loggingLevels, maxReuseThreads, threadStackSize, logMaxFileSize, windowsEventLoggingLevels, useSSL, keepalive.
  • Campaign|campaignClustering: Set enableClustering to FALSE. This causes all other properties in this category to be ignored, because they do not apply to a single-node configuration.
  • Campaign|unicaACListener|node[n]: An unclustered listener configuration should not have any nodes under this category. Nodes are created and used only for clustered listener configurations.
  • Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|server|flowchartSave: It is a best practice to configure autosaveFrequency and checkpointFrequency. You can override these global settings by editing a flowchart and choosing Admin > Advanced to set Auto-save (during user configuration) and Checkpoint (during flowchart execution).