Front-end and back-end components

Unica Campaign consists of two main components.

  • On the front end: The Unica Campaign web application provides the user interface. Users access this J2EE component through a web browser.
  • On the back end: The Unica Campaign listener provides an interface between front-end clients (such as the Unica Campaign web application and the Unica Campaign Server Manager) and back-end analytical server processes. You can have a single-node or clustered listener configuration.

The Unica Campaign web application (front-end) and the listener (back-end) communicate over TCP/IP to handle requests and process transactions.

A listener is a unica_aclsnr process. Each unica_aclsnr process spawns a separate Unica Campaign server process (unica_acsvr) for each login and each active flowchart. For example, if one user logs in and then opens a flowchart, the listener spawns two instances of unica_acsvr.

For every Optimize session execution unica_aclsnr process spawns a Optimize server process (unica_acosvr).

Multiple listeners can be configured to perform as a cluster. In a clustered configuration, one listener acts as the master listener to coordinate incoming requests to the clustered nodes.