Repeated crash protection

When certain Notes® documents are corrupted or contain non-standard content, they can cause the HCL Traveler server to repeatedly crash as it tries to process these documents. A repeating crash prevention feature exists to help minimize HCL Traveler server outage in these instances.

This feature was first introduced in version It detects a repeat crash scenario for a particular document, then bans the document from being processed by the server. The document remains banned permanently unless cleared by an Administrator. The server then starts and runs normally. The only impact to the end user is that the banned document does not sync to the mobile device.


By default, the repeated crash protection is enabled and set to detect and ban a document after the sixth crash. The number of crashes before banning a document can be configured by changing parameters in the notes.ini file. Both of these parameters are dynamic and can be set using the Domino® set config command.


A setting of 0 disables crash protection.


This sets the number of device syncs on where the crash protection code is running when a user connects to a specific HCL Traveler server. A setting of 0 will disable crash protection.


To administer the banned documents, additional Tell commands have been added to the HCL Traveler server. For more information, see Tell command reference.