Enabling syncing of read or unread changes

Unread replication is enabled for each user automatically by the HCL Traveler server so that unread marks sync correctly with the device. This section explains how to activate unread replication manually using the Domino® Administrator client.

About this task

To activate unread replication manually, perform the following procedure:


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Files tab.
  2. Select the databases for which you are enabling the replication of unread marks.
  3. From the Tools panel, click Database > Advanced Properties.
  4. Click Select and then Replicate unread marks.
  5. To enable replication of unread marks for the selected databases across all servers, click All servers.
  6. To enable replication of unread marks for any cluster containing a replica of the database, click Clustered server only.
  7. Click OK.