HCL Verse for Apple devices known limitations and restrictions

This topic describes known restrictions and limitations with HCL Verse on Apple devices.


Table 1. General issues
Problem Details

A badge number displays on the app icon after a reinstall.

After uninstalling and reinstalling HCL Verse, the app may have a badge number on it. This number carries over from the previous installation. This issue is not specific to HCL Verse, and can occur for any iOS app that displays badges on its icon.


Table 2. Mail issues
Problem Details

Mail does not display correctly

The format of some mail messages may not display correctly. Examples include text too small or large, text not fully justified across the UI if the mail includes a large table, images of various sizes, and so on. In some cases, using pinch or zoom gestures may help in some cases. Optimized mail display improvements are targeted for future updates.

Some emails may not display correctly in Dark Mode. In Dark mode, some HTML emails with complicated CSS styling may not display correctly. Workaround: A button is provided to display the current email in Light Mode.
Photos Access for "Select Photos..." is not supported. When being prompted for Photos Access the user will be given the following options:
  1. Select Photos.
  2. Allow Access to All Photos.
  3. Do not Allow.
Option: The Select Photos provides limited access to the Photos library, where only the photos selected by the user are allowed access for the HCL Verse app. However, this behavior is unsupported for the HCL Verse app as it does not keep track of the photos selection. The only supported options are "Allow Access to All Photos" or "Do not Allow".


Table 3. Calendar issues
Problem Details
Meeting participants do not receive an update notice when invitees are added/removed from the meeting. The Notes preference When I add or remove meeting invitees, update the other participants. is not currently supported on Verse iOS.
Room reservations are not updated when changes are made to calendar events from the device. Room reservations are not supported but are synced to the device as part of the location for display purposes only. Rescheduling or cancelling a meeting from the device will not reschedule or cancel the related room reservation.

Attachments are missing from calendar notices (e.g invitations or reschedule notices).

(12.0.9 or older versions): Calendar event notices do not include the calendar event's attachments as part of the notice email. They may contain an indication of attachment names that are on the calendar event, and the user can open the ghosted version of the event on the calendar to view the attachments.

Event editing with attachments Attachments cannot be edited on existing calendar entries or added to new calendar entries in Verse iOS. The chair of an event cannot edit the Description field of an existing event that was created with attachments.
Events already synced to the device cannot be displayed in rich text format Existing (or past) events that have been synced to the device prior to enabling rich text calendar support on Traveler and HCL Verse for iOS will continue to be displayed in plain text. In order to view existing events with rich text, the event can be edited/modified by the chair to trigger a resync, or the HCL Verse for iOS app needs to be reconfigured from scratch in order to resync all data including existing/past events.
Cannot create an event with Rich Text Description Creating and editing events in rich text is currently a limitation on HCL Verse iOS.
Editing a rich text event will convert the event description to plain text. Creating and editing events in rich text is currently a limitation on HCL Verse iOS. Editing an event with rich text description will result in the event's description being converted to plain text.
Inline Images in calendar event descriptions are not fully supported on HCL Verse iOS When viewing a Calendar event on HCL Verse IOS, descriptions with inline images will show a broken image icon and the images will be included as regular attachments.

Multiple conflicting meetings do not display in the Day and Week views.

For example, when there is a meeting from 10:30 - 11:00 and two meetings from 10:00 - 11:00, some of the meetings don't display in the Day and Week views. As a workaround, go to the Agenda view to see a list of all the meetings for the day.


Table 4. Contact issues
Problem Details
Working with personal groups is limited.
  • Groups cannot be created, deleted or edited on the device.
  • You cannot send mail items or calendar invites directly from the group card. Instead, select groups as recipients or invitees when composing a mail item or calendar event.
  • You cannot open a person or sub-group card from the member list of a group.
  • You cannot access group card by double tapping on the group name within mail field.


Table 5. People issues
Problem Details

Some profile pictures do not display for my contacts

People pictures come from the local device contact photos or contacts and any associated photos synchronized from contacts located in the user's HCL Domino server mail database. Accessing photos from HCL Connections profile pictures is not supported.

There are no Important People in the app

Important People is not currently supported with HCL Verse mobile clients.

My contacts are not syncing to Apple Contacts

Ensure the options Sync with Apple Contacts in the HCL Verse settings view and Contacts in the Verse sub-menu of the Apple Settings app are selected.

In addition, Verse will not sync your contacts to Apple Contacts if you have either iCloud or Microsoft Exchange contact syncing enabled without at least one contact local to your device. You can turn off iCloud and Microsoft Exchange contact syncing in the Apple Settings app. You can turn Exchange syncing back on after syncing Verse contacts to Apple Contacts, but turning iCloud syncing back on may cause problems.


Table 6. Search issues
Problem Details

Search capabilities are limited

Search is limited to the data on the device. Future updates targeted for inclusion of server side search and faceted search.

Push notifications

Table 7. Push notification issues
Problem Details

No push notifications on the device

Users will receive push notifications for any new mail or meeting notices, regardless of the sender. Users who are not receiving push notifications should contact their HCL Traveler server administrators to determine whether push notifications are enabled on the server.