How do I work with and view my contacts on an Android device?

You can view and work with your HCL Notes contacts on your Android device with the HCL Verse People application.

Open the HCL Verse People application by pressing its icon People on the Home screen.
Note: HCL Notes contacts can only be edited from the HCL Verse People application.
The People list can be sorted by first or last name by selecting your choice from the action bar overflow menu. It can also be filtered by entering text into the Search field. After typing a number of characters, the application will search for matching contacts in your corporate directory, and append the results to the filtered contacts list. Corporate contacts can be added as HCL Verse contacts by selecting the contact and choosing the Save to People Save to People floating action button.
Note: Some Android phones offer the ability to add contacts from a received phone number. If your phone offers this ability, then you will have the option to create an HCL Verse contact from that number in addition to your device specific contacts.

In addition to showing HCL Verse People, the application can show contacts from your Android device by enabling that option in Settings.

Note: HCL Verse searches for contact thumbnail photos in Verse People and if no photo is found, it attempts to locate a photo from the Device Contacts database. If no photo can be found, a generated avatar displays.
Table 1. Working with your contacts
How do I... Action
Create a contact?

From People, press the Add floating action button, then the Create contact sub-action button..

View contact details? Tap a contact name from the list to see its details.
Edit contact details?

You can edit a contact by long pressingn the name, then selecting the Edit action. Or press the Edit action from the action bar on the contact details page.

Note: Only HCL Verse contacts can be edited with these methods.
Delete a contact?

Long press the contact name, then select the Trash action.

Create a personal group?

From People, press the Add floating action button, then the Create group sub-action button.

Add group members by typing the member's name or mail address, then selecting it from the results list. If you type a complete mail address, just press Next to add it. When done adding members, press the right arrow action bar button to name your group.
Note: Group names must be unique and cannot contain the slash, double quote, or comma characters.
View a personal group?

From People, tap the group to open the details view.

For groups with many members, you can filter the members by pressing Filter in the action bar overflow menu, or scrolling the member list and pressing the Filter action button. Type characters to filter the member list. Press Filter again to return to the full list of group members.

Edit personal groups?

From People, tap the group to open the details view. To add members to the group, press the Add Members floating action button and type the members' names or mail addresses.

To remove members, long press to select the member names you want to remove, then tap the trash can icon in the action bar.
Note: Members that are contacts are not deleted, they are only removed from the group.

If you want to edit the group name or description, choose the Edit option from the action bar overflow menu.

To remove the group itself, choose the Delete option from the action bar overflow menu.

Sync the contacts list? Pull down on the contact list to start syncing it with your HCL Notes contact list.
Export my contacts to the device contacts database?

HCL Verse contacts can be exported to the device contacts database (if allowed by the Administrator) by choosing Export Verse Contacts under People settings. This allows phones to show who is calling when the call is from an HCL Verse contact.

Note: HCL Verse contacts in the device database are read-only and cannot be edited.