How do I view the status of my Android device?

You can view the status of HCL Verse on your device. This information is helpful when troubleshooting connection issues.

To view your status, select the HCL Verse icon. The following six status indicators may display on the home screen:
Table 1. Status indicators
Icon Meaning

Battery indicator

Low battery

Syncing indicator


Sync error indicator

Sync error

Warning indicator


Error indicator


Security violation

If the security violation icon displays, one or more device security settings are not in compliance with an administrator-defined HCL Verse device security policy. The policy violation may prevent your device from syncing with the server until your device settings are in compliance with the policy. See Viewing security status to determine which settings are not compliant, the device security setting values, and the device security policy values. Update the appropriate settings on your phone with values compliant with the HCL Verse security policy to clear the violations.