Gathering Sametime Meeting Server logs and traces for support

Use the IBM® WebSphere Collector tool to gather logs and traces that IBM Customer Support can use when troubleshooting problems.

About this task

The collector tool gathers information about your WebSphere® Application Server installation and packages it in a Java™ archive (JAR) file that you can send to IBM Customer Support to assist in determining and analyzing your problem. Information in the JAR file includes logs, property files, configuration files, operating system and Java data, and the presence and level of each software prerequisite.


  1. Use the IBM WebSphere Collector tool to gather logs and traces from all of the environment machines.

    For more information, see the following topic in the WebSphere Application Server information center:

    Gathering information with the collector tool (deprecated)

  2. Run the collector on the IBM Sametime® Meeting Server.
    • Run collector on the WebSphere Application Server profiles.

      The profiles are stored in the \profiles directory; for example on Microsoft® Windows®:

      C:\Program Files\ibm\WebSphere\AppServer
    • The collector resides in the \bin directory within the profile; for example:
      C:\Program Files\ibm\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\

    The output from each execution of the collector is placed in your current working directory, and includes the name of the profile on which it was run using the format:

    Note: The generated files will include all log files located in the "logs" directory under the profile directory. To reduce the log size, you might choose to delete all of the existing log files, recreate the problem, and only then gather the logs.
  3. Submit the collector generated log files to IBM support.