Setting a diagnostic trace on a Sametime Meeting Server

You can specify how the server handles IBM® Sametime® Meeting Server log records. You can select a Sametime Meeting Server to enable or disable a system log for the server, specify where log data is stored, and choose a format for log content. You can also specify a log detail level for components and groups of components.


  1. In the Integrated Solutions Console, click Troubleshooting --> Logs and trace.
  2. Click the Sametime Meeting Server that you want to trace.
  3. In the "General Properties" section, click Diagnostic Trace
  4. In the "Additional Properties" section, click Change Log Detail Levels.
  5. In the text box, append the following settings:
    To get even more detailed traces, use this setting instead:
  6. Click Apply, and then Save.
  7. Monitor the log file in IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\HostName_Meeting_deploymentType_Profile_Number\logs
  8. When you have identified and fixed the problem, free up system resources by reverting the trace level back to its default: