Troubleshooting login issues with the Sametime Community Server

The Sametime.err file includes detailed information about errors that occur when users attempt to log in to the Community Server. The messages that follow are some typical issues related to user logins.

Cannot redirect user to home cluster: Unknown cluster name UserClusterUserID, UserName

Check the home cluster value of the user in the directory. It is possible that the home cluster of the user is correctly defined in the directory, but cannot be reached from the current server. Review communityConfig.txt to see which clusters are defined to verify the full mesh concept. For more information about clustering requirements, see tech note 1196034 Sametime® Community Clustering on the IBM® Support site.

Empty password is defined in person document for UserID

Verify that the password in the Person document is defined correctly in the directory.

Error: corrupted user storage attribute Attr for User ID UserID
Error: invalid type for storage attribute Attr for User ID UserID
Error: unable to read storage attribute Attr for User ID UserID
Error: storage attribute Attr type is different from opaque for User ID UserID

Errors like these usually mean that the stored content for a specific user in the vpuserInfo.nsf database includes wrong data. Re-create the stored user document to correct the problem.

Authentication failed: Empty user name is used with secrets token
Authentication failed for UserID: method is LTPA_TOKEN_ONLY. It does not allow to authenticate by secrets token
Verify secrets token failed for UserID. Reason: ReasonCode
Failed generate token: Failed to get remote ldap directory user id for UserID
Failed generate LTPA token: empty token array is to be returned
Failed generate LTPA token: SECTokenListGenerate failed with error ReasonCode

Errors like these usually point to a problem with the single sign-on configuration.