Installing Installation Manager on AIX or Linux

Install IBM® Installation Manager on AIX® or Linux™ so that you can use it to install other IBM products.

Before you begin

Note these prerequisites for AIX and Linux installations.
  • AIX and Linux: If you are installing using the GUI mode, the full X11 desktop environment is required.
  • AIX: Install the gtk+ libraries, which are required for Installation Manager. For more information, see this technote:

  • The launchpad installation program launches a web browser to start. You need to be on the console or have an X server and a web browser installed and configured. (VNC or a remote Xterm session works as well). The graphical library pages must also be installed for Linux so that the Installation Manager works correctly. The /home directory must be writable so that the home directories for the users created by the install are created on the system.
For Linux RHEL only, if you have not done so already, disable SELinux on any RedHat operating system:
  1. Log in as root on the Linux RedHat server.
  2. Open the /etc/selinux/config file for editing.
  3. Locate the SELINUX setting. Change its value to either disable or permissive.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Restart the Linux server.

On all other operating systems, use the steps in the following procedure.

About this task

You must download and install Installation Manager itself before attempting to install another product with it.


  1. Log in as root on the Linux RedHat server.
  2. Find the software packages you need to download.
    Note: Installation Manager is packaged with IBM WebSphere Application Server, and is called "IBM Enterprise Deployment" within that package.
  3. Download the packages.
  4. Extract all downloaded packages.
  5. Open a command window and change to the directory where you extracted the Installation Manager package.
  6. Begin the installation by running the following command: ./install
  7. Install Installation Manager:
    1. On the Install Packages page, verify that Installation Manager > Version 1.8.4 is selected, and then click Next.
    2. On the Licenses page, click I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.
    3. On the Location page, accept the default location, or select a new location, and click Next.
    4. On the Summary page, review your choices and click Install.

      The repository defaults to the current directory (where you extracted Installation Manager), so you do not need to change it.

    5. When installation is complete, click Restart Installation Manager.
  8. Update Installation Manager to use the latest fix pack:
    1. Open a browser and navigate to IBM Fix Central.
    2. Locate and download the appropriate fix pack.

      For refresh 1 for Installation Manager 1.8.4, search for the following refresh pack:

    3. Extract the downloaded file to a temporary location on the server.
    4. Click File > Preferences > Repositories.
    5. Click Add Repository.
    6. Browse to or type the file path to the repository.config file within the directory where you extracted the refresh file.
    7. Click File > Preferences > Updates and select Search for Installation Manager update.
    8. On the main page of Installation Manager, click Update.
    9. When installation is complete, ensure there is a green check mark next to the text "The packages are installed." Ensure there is no error message.
    10. Click Restart Installation Manager.

What to do next

Back up the Installation Manager agent data in case you need to run the install again later to restore a server. For more information, see Backing up and restoring Installation Managerin the Installation Manager product documentation.