Using the home page

After logging into Sametime, the home page displays. The home page contains two areas. The left area contains your information, access to chat features, and list of active chats. The right area contains the chat conversation.

At the top of the frame, is your name and status information. The menu icon ( ) to access chat features is to the right of your name. From the menu, you can:
  • Create contact list
  • Access Sametime Meetings features if you have a Sametime Meetings license.
  • Specify Chat settings
  • Logout of Sametime Chat

Below your information is a search field where you can type a name to locate a person that you want to chat with.

Pinned chats are listed at the top of the chat list followed by chats with the most recent activity. For each chat in the list the following details are displayed:
  • The name of the chat partner or group name
  • Meeting names for meetings that meeting chats and recordings were shared with you
  • The time of the last message on the conversation
  • The last message received or sent on the conversation
  • The number of unread messages for the conversation if applicable
Above the chat list is the filter bar. Filter bar for active chatsYou can filter chats by the following:
  • All chats
  • Chats with individual people
  • Group chats
  • Meeting chats for meetings that you participated