New features in HCL Sametime 12 for iOS

HCL Sametime® for iOS version 12 has new features and enhancements.


This release contains the following new features in addition to bug fixes.

New navigation
Sametime now uses tabs to access Chats, Meetings, Contacts, and Settings.
Creating group chat enhancement
Group chat can be started from the message icon at the top right of the screen.
Leave conversation message enhancements
After you leave a conversation, you must be invited again to participate further in the conversation. When you leave a conversation a message is displayed indicating that you are leaving the conversation. You have the option to turn off the message from displaying. Displaying the message can also be controlled by a Chat Preference setting. If you are the last person to leave a conversation, the message is displayed regardless of the setting.


The following list highlights several of the new features.
Access to photos
The setting when sending a message, allows you to select specific photos that the Sametime app has access. The setting can also be set to not allow access to any photo or allow access to all photos.
Apple watch updates
As part of a chat message you can long press on a message bubble and add a reaction.
You can delete a sent message and also undo the deletion within a time frame that has been set by the administrator.


HCL Sametime version 12.0.2 includes several new features that are available when installing the Sametime app version 12.0.12. For a complete list of new features, see HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium 12.0.2 Release Information.

The following list highlights several of the new features.
Status updates
A new setting added for status messages. You can select to have your status automatically updated when you are in a meeting. After you leave the meeting, the message is changed to your previous status message.
Chat reactions
As part of a chat message you can long press on a message bubble and add a reaction.
Delete messages
You can delete a sent message and undo the deletion within a time frame that has been set by the administrator.
Additional meeting settings available
Meeting owner can customize their meetings with various advanced privacy settings. For example, the owner can decide if recordings are allowed for the meeting, and whether the recording can be downloaded or shared in the associated group chat.

The meeting owner can not allow meeting reports and chat discussion after the meeting ends.


This release contains the following new features in addition to bug fixes.

Updated Meeting Join flow
The number of current meeting participants is displayed prior to joining a meeting. This number refreshes every fifteen seconds.
The video and microphone settings can be set before joining a meeting.
A new preference allows you to set the default state of the microphone and camera when joining a meeting.


This release contains bug fixes only.


Apple watch updates
You can create customize quick replies for your watch from the Settings screen. Up to five replies can be add to the pre-defined quick replies.
Limited support for markdown in chats
Chat messages sent with markdown rendered appropriately in the chat history.


Apple watch updates
Sametime chat messages can be initiated from the Apple watch. You can search for contacts and start a new chat.
Emoticon palette updates
The Sametime emoticon palette contains new emoticons that you can include with messages. You can also include the iOS emoticon palette, however some emoticons are not supported on all platforms the message is received on.


New mobile meetings capabilities
The mobile meeting moderator can do the following from the main meeting window:
  • Lower a participant's hand
  • Toggle the participant view between tile and filmstrip view
  • Hide and show all meeting participants in the meeting window
The participants list in the meeting now has a menu icon () that provides additional moderator features. From this menu, the moderator can:
  • Download attendance report
  • Mute everyone else
  • All cameras off
  • Lower all hands
Preview transferred files
If the Sametime administrator has turned on the policy, you can preview a file that has been transferred to you. Previewing a file allows you to view a file using Apple QuickLook. The QuickLook viewer allows sharing with other apps only if policy allows. To prevent downloading and sharing a file with other apps, the Sametime administrator can turn the policy off.
Driving mode enhancement
The driving mode feature has been improved to detect when you are in a car and join a meeting. In driving mode you participate in a meeting without distraction from your driving. You interact with the meeting using audio. Previously, driving mode was activated when a bluetooth device was detected and you joined a meeting.
Apple watch updates
Images sent in a chat can be viewed on an Apple watch. Additionally, quick reply suggestions have been added, for example: OK, Yes, No, Thanks, and Can I call you later.


Apple watch support
The Sametime app can be used with a paired Apple watch to receive and reply to Sametime messages. The Apple watch must be a Series 4 watches or newer that runs at minimum watchOS 9.
File transfer update
The Sametime administrator can restrict the type of files that can be transferred. When a restricted file type is specified to be transferred, a message is displayed and the file is not sent.


Content sharing
Content such as images, URLs, files, and text can be shared with the Sametime app using the mobile device sharing feature.
Meeting duration timer
A meeting time display as part of the title bar allowing you to see how long a meeting has been running. The timer is available if the administrator enables the meeting timer display feature.


Filter your active chats
When viewing active chats you can filter on one-to-one chats, group chats, and meeting chats.


Managing the waiting room
Mobile moderator can manage the waiting room. Moderators attending a meeting on a mobile device can admit other participants who are in the waiting room.
CarPlay improvements
When users join a meeting on CarPlay, they see with an active meeting screen while they attend the meeting. When they leave the meeting, Sametime returns them to the meetings list.

12.0.2 and 12.0.1

HCL Sametime 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 contain bug fixes only.


Sounds for incoming chats and announcements
Sounds have always played for incoming chat and announcement notifications when the app is in the background. With version 12.0, a sound also plays for these events when the app is in the foreground. You can turn the sounds on by using the new notification settings.

The following new features are only available when your device is connected to a Sametime 12.0 server:

Server based Recent Meetings
With version 12.0 the Recent Meetings list queries the server to get recent meetings update. This update means that your Recent Meetings list is same no matter which client you use to display them. Because you can use mobile clients can to join meetings on multiple servers you might see some discrepancy between the Recent Meeting list on a mobile client and the Recent Meeting list on the browser or another mobile client. This discrepancy happens because the mobile client also lists joined meetings on other servers whereas the browser only lists joined meetings that are on the server you're connected to. Meetings that you joined on servers prior to version 12.0 are still stored locally and then merged with the version 12.0 meetings in the Recent Meetings list.
Meeting filters for viewing the list of recent meetings
By default, when you view meetings listed in Recent, Sametime lists all meetings that you joined while you logged into the app. The list includes meetings that used a Sametime 12 server or an earlier version. With the Sametime mobile app version 12.0, you can customize the list by using the following filters:
My Meetings
Lists only instances of meetings that you own. The list includes meetings that you joined and those that you didn't join.
Lists the meetings that you have joined that have an associated recording.
Lists the calls that you participated in.
Meeting reports and recordings
Meeting owners can access reports for their meetings. You can access these reports by opening the Recent tab and then tapping the More menu icon. You can view two reports: Summary Report and Full Report. If someone recorded the meeting, the More menu includes the recordings.
Muting conversations
With version 12.0, you can mute individual conversations. The ability to mute is helpful when you participate in a group that is very active.
Click to call
With this feature you can connect directly with a contact or group by clicking the call icon in the upper right corner of the chat window. When you place a call, a new meeting starts. Those you call receive a join message and get placed into the meeting when they join the call.
Version 12.0 includes notification settings for incoming calls.
Meeting modes enhancement
When you create a meeting, you can select a mode for the type of meeting. Each mode has a set of options with the most common mode setting already selected. You can choose from three modes:
  • Collaboration: Flexible and fully customizable
  • Confidential: Maximum level of security
  • Lecture: Ideal for large moderated meetings
File transfer
In addition to sending pictures from the camera or a photos app, in version 12.0 you can send files in a chat. The files are uploaded and saved as a link in the chat that you or a chat partner can download later. The HCL Sametime mobile app uses the Files app to select the file to send. Files that you download are also saved in the Files app.
Note: The mobile client does not support the previous file transfer method, where you had to be online to receive the file.
Token log in
When you log in to the Sametime server with log-in credentials, the app sends secure tokens to the client for use throughout the session. These tokens are also used to authenticate with the Sametime meeting service. The tokens can also be used to authenticate the session instead of using login credentials. The use of secure tokens permit a login session to persist while the secure tokens remain valid. The session ends when you use the Logout menu option or when the token expires.
The Remain online setting takes precedent in determining how long to remain logged in when the HCL Sametime app runs in the background until the setting expires. However, when you bring the HCL Sametime app back to the foreground, the secure tokens are used to log in if they haven't expired.
Meeting waiting room support
When you join a meeting that was configured with a waiting room, you remain in the waiting room until you are either admitted or denied access to the meeting. You can see messages from the meeting owner while you are in the waiting room.
Custom branding for meetings
Business customers can use their own branding for meetings. Administrators can configure the Sametime server to use a business logo to which the meeting screen is displays during the join process.
New default policy options for the mobile app
Policies that the login process passes down specify the behavior of the HCL Sametime mobile app. The Sametime administrator uses policies to turn on and off features. For example, administrators can use file transfer policies to turn off file transfer when they assess that the security risks in the customer's environment are too great.
In Sametime 12.0, the default settings for many mobile policies to enable all mobile features. However, an administrator can modify them to meet the needs of the organization. For details about policies, see the HCL Sametime Administrator Guide. The Mobile client policies topic describes the policies that the mobile client uses.