Managing Sametime app settings

You can manage settings for the HCL Sametime app on your mobile device. Settings persist on the server so the server maintains the settings on installations and other mobile devices.

From the app menu, tap Settings to display the application settings. Access settings under the following categories:
  • Contact List
  • General
  • Notifications
Table 1. Sametime app settings
Category Option Description
Contact List Show Offline Contacts Set whether to show contacts who are offline in your contact list.
General Cellular Data Preference These preferences determine meeting behavior when you aren't on a wifi connection.
Stream over WiFi only
Enable to join a meeting in audio-only mode. You cannot see videos. However, you can see presentations.
Download over WiFi only
Enable to download a meeting recording over wifi only.
Stream over WiFi only
Enable to play a meeting recording over wifi only.
Using these features when not on a WiFi connections might incur fees by your provider. The default preferences are join a meeting in audio-only mode, and you not allowed download or play meeting recordings.
Community Settings Contains the Sametime server connection information required to connection to the host sever. Settings include the host server URL, port, security, connection type, and log in credentials,
Connect at Launch With this setting set to on, after you configure the app, the app automatically logs in whenever the app starts from the application icon.
Remain Online Set the length of time you want to remain online when you put the app in the background.
Notifications Incoming calls Specify how you want to handle incoming calls.
Select either Answer Call or Open Conversation to set the behavior when you are not currently in the app.
  • When Answer Call is selected, you can answer the call by tapping the notification.
  • When Open Conversation is selected, when you tap the notification, the conversation opens. Tap Join to answer the call..

When you are in the Sametime app and receive a call and Show Notification is on, the app displays the call notification and tapping the notification opens the conversation. To play the call ring tone with notification, turn on Play Sound. When Show Notification is off, the notification sound is also off.

Incoming Messages Specify how you want to handle incoming notifications. Turn off and on sound for the following types of messages:
  • Chat messages
  • Group messages
  • Announcements
The message number badge changes regardless of whether the sound is on or off. Open the conversation to join.

Tap Modify Notification Settings to change Sametime notification and device settings.