Choosing how participants are displayed

The participants feature allows users to view participants and perform group functions.


Users can view all participants in the meeting in a vertical list and identify the level of each participant. The list will contain the following types of participants:
  • - Owner of the meeting.
  • - Participant that has been promoted to moderator.
  • - Participant that has joined as a guest.
  • - Participant that has been promoted to presenter.

Toggle Tile View

The toggle feature allows users to toggle between a tiled participant or speaker-focused layouts.


Users can change the layout of participant tiles in the meeting.

In one view, participant tiles will appear across the top of the meeting pane in row form. The tiles can be scrolled left and right to see additional participants.

When toggled, all participants will be positioned evenly across the middle of the meeting window in row/column form.

Within this view, each user can control the individual volume of other participants by using the option in the top right corner of the tile.

Adjusting the volume allows the user to change the volume of another participant’s voice individually without affecting other participants in the meeting.