Logging in

This section will outline the steps on how to log into a meeting.

About this task

Sametime Meetings can be accessed in two ways. Either enter the username and password or join as a guest user.


For authentication, use the same username and password when authenticating to the Sametime Community Server through the Sametime Embedded Client and/or Standalone Client. If your company uses SSO (Single Sign-On), authenticate using the same credentials as other internal services. For guest access, authentication is not required.

Note: When in doubt, contact the Help Desk or Administrator for access to the Sametime Community Server.

To log in:

  1. Navigate to your organization’s Sametime Meeting Server URL using a Chromium based browser.

    Examples are: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

    Note: Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.
  2. Log in using your Sametime username and password.

  3. Authenticate your login and you will either be redirected to the Sametime Meetings Landing Page or the specific Meeting Room that you are attempting to access.

As a Guest user:

  1. Click the URL provided to you for accessing the Sametime HCL Meeting.
  2. Click on the option Join as Guest.

  3. Enter your name and click on JOIN AS GUEST. You will be redirected to the specific Meeting Room that you are attempting to access.