Configuring the preferred login list

In Sametime 11, by default, persistent chat enables a user that is logged into multiple clients to receive instant messaging sessions across all clients concurrently. In an environment that does not support persistent chat and the single login type feature is disabled, Sametime uses a default login order to determine which client type should receive the instant messaging session. A preferred login list allows you to override the default order.

About this task

By default, once persistent chat is disabled, the Sametime Community Server depends upon the default list of client types, each of which has a predefined weight. Login order for each user depends upon the login-type weight. The first login type, having minimal weight, is the one provided for the incoming instant messaging session.

Default order of login types on Sametime:
  1. Sametime®Connect clients
  2. Sametime® Mobile clients
  3. Sametime® Proxy clients

The Sametime Community Server is installed with a pre-defined list of client IDs for preferred login types. Use the below steps to customize this list and include Sametime 11 clients as necessary.


  1. As administrator, open a text editor on the Sametime Community Server.
  2. Open the sametime.ini file located in the Sametime server installation directory (the default directory in Windows™ is C:\program files\HCL\domino).
  3. In the [Config] section, specify the order of the login types that overrides the default order. If a user is logged in to multiple clients, offline messages are delivered to the client running the latest release, if available. If that release of the client is not available, offline messages are delivered to the client based on this default order.
  4. VPS_PREFERRED_LOGIN_TYPES=login_type1, login_type2
    For example:


  5. Save the sametime.ini file.
  6. Restart the Sametime server to allow the changes to take effect.