Configuring allowed client types

You can define the types of clients that can connect to the HCL® Sametime® Community Server.

About this task

Follow these steps to specify the list of client types that are allowed to connect to the Sametime Community Server. This is an optional task. When using this setting, any client IDs that are not listed will not be allowed to connect to the Sametime® Community Server.

For more information on List of Sametime Client IDs, see Sametime Client IDs.


  1. Open a text editor on the Sametime® Community Server.
  2. Open the sametime.ini file located in the Sametime® Community Server installation directory.
    For example, the default directory in Windows™ is C:\program files\HCL\domino.
  3. In the Config section, enter the client type IDs for the allowed client types in the VPS_ALLOWED_LOGIN_TYPES flag. If the flag is not specified or its value is empty, then all client types are allowed to connect to the server. It is a comma-separated list.
    Note: Once the VPS_ALLOWED_LOGIN_TYPES flag is used, you must update the values whenever you add new client types; otherwise the new client type cannot log in.
  4. [Config]VPS_ALLOWED_LOGIN_TYPES=130B,130A
  5. Save the sametime.ini file.
  6. Restart the Sametime® Community Server to commit the changes.