Running the name conversion utility

To run a name change task, start the name conversion utility. The name conversion utility uses the CSV file to update user contact and privacy lists with the latest directory changes.

Before you begin

Before you begin, create a comma-separated value file with name changes, and then create a name change task. HCL® recommends running the name conversion utility at off-peak hours, and stopping the Domino server before you begin.

About this task

Starting the name conversion utility starts the name change task. You can create many tasks, but the name change conversion utility executes only one task at a time. You can have only one name change task scheduled or in progress. If a name change task is scheduled or in progress, you cannot create another name change task until the existing name change task completes.

It is not necessary to run the name change conversion utility on every HCL® Sametime Community Server in a cluster. For clusters, the task should run once on one server and then replicate to other servers in the cluster.