Gathering name conversion utility diagnostic data

Collect information for HCL® Support to investigate the HCL® Sametime name conversion utility.

About this task

Since the trace files require large amounts of disk space, you should leave these settings turned off by default, and only enable them when you need to run the name conversion utility for special overall organization migrations.

Before you start the name conversion utility, follow these instructions to set the trace level for gathering diagnostic information.


  1. Use a text editor to edit the sametime.ini file, which is located in the Sametime Community Server installation directory.
    For example:
    C:\Program Files\hcl\domino. 
  2. Add the following line to the Debug section to set the trace level:
  3. Restart the Sametime Community Server.
  4. After the name change task finishes, you can collect the diagnostic information:
    • A namechange_*.txt debug log file
    • If you ran a name change task in RESOLVE mode, then a StResolve_*.txt is produced, too.
  5. Disable the sametime.ini file settings after the utility successfully finishes by setting the values to 0.