Preparing the network

This section provides information on the network considerations needed to install Kubernetes.

Before you begin

The following software must be installed before you install Sametime Meetings:

  • Kubernetes v1.16.0 or later with an ingress controller (see Kubernets QuickStart for a basic single node deployment)
  • Helm v3.1.2
  • Sametime Proxy v11.5
  • Sametime Chat v11.5

About this task

Network considerations

Sametime Meetings uses UDP on port 30000 by default. Ensure that the clients you will service have UDP inbound access to this port and that outbound UDP traffic from the deployment is unrestricted. Additionally, Sametime Meetings use internet accessible STUN servers to help clients and the server negotiate media paths for the exchange of audio/video/appshare data. Public Google STUN servers are configured by default.

Add the following:

These addresses must be reachable by the container. If they are not, there may be issues joining meetings.

To change the defult STUN server see, Configuring alternate STUN servers.

Docker/Kubernetes uses internal private network addresses for the deployed services. Applications may also expose network ports directly on the node as well. Sametime Meetings defines a LoadBalancer service for the HTTP/HTTPS traffic and a NodePort service for the media traffic. To expose these services to the outside world, an ingress controller is required for the HTTP/HTTPS traffic and the IP address of the node must be accessible for the media traffic.