Configure secrets for the deployment

This section provides information to configure secrets for the deployment.

About this task

To configure secrets for the deployment:


  1. Configure the secrets for the deployment.
    When prompted, enter the Sametime JWT secret from your Sametime deployment. In the sametime.ini file, on the community server, the value is defined in the JWT_SECRET configuration item. On the proxy server, it is the value of the <jwtSecret> configuration element in stproxyconfig.xml. The value is base64 encoded in both of those locations. Copy and paste the base64 encoded value here.
    Note: To define a new secret, do not enter any value in the field.
  2. Configure the secrets on the Proxy Server and Community Server.

    After executing this command, helm/templates/meetings-secrets.yaml will have secrets unique to this deployment. The sametimeJwt value can be found in the JwtSecret data object and should then be configured in both sametime.ini and stproxyconfig.xml on the Sametime v11.5 Chat and Proxy servers, respectively.